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This is a community for international electric railroading. (Not model trains or diesel electrics) Post pictures, stories, technical information, news, and anything related to railroads that run directly off of overhead pantograph or third rail. This is the only all electric railroading community in LiveJournal. HRT, LRT, and classic trolleys are ok, but mainline electric passenger and freight railroads are preferred.

General rules for posting train pictures:
*No diesel-electrics or steam but monorails, or maglev are ok now.
*Please restrict pictures to 750 pixels or under to reduce scrolling.
*If you post info from another site please post the URL to the source unless you wrote it.
*All large pictures really need to go behind an LJ cut because not everyone is on DSL/Cable and those pix add up fast.
*Please post in jpg or .gif format. Avoid posting in psd, or bmp because these files tend to be very large, and again it will kill all the dial up users.
*Feel free to post electric rail travel journals about your trip, technical information and or news about the industry.
*No advertising, of online retail, personal sales, rating communities, eBay etc... are not allowed.

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